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Feed Me

Momofuku/Momofuku Milkbar– you will go because you are a slave of modern culture and David Chang is a culinary rock star
http://s3.amazonaws.com/foodspotting-ec2/reviews/1862884/thumb_600.jpg?1339173165 (say crack again)
Citizen Burger Bar— its in Clarendon (GAHHHH) but they have a burger with pork belly /fried egg/truffle brioche. another one boasts siracha mayo and fresh jalapenos.
Dabney— it’s in shaw so embodies the theme of eclectic-up-and-coming. they smoke whole ducks in the middle of the dinning room, and source fresh herbs from the roof.
Bad Saint in Coho —  “little serrow swagger, roses luxury lines” oh god.
Airedale— German/french which satisfies my eternal search for a boss hanger steak and fries. it’s also next on my brunch list (marscapone stuffed french toast and a deep fried monte cristo with mountains of Gruyere)
Wicked Bloom Social Club— speakeasy by the same people as DCity Smokehouse aka same food PLUS cocktails and (maybe) less of a chance you’ll be murdered

The Agenda 11/2/2015

Lido @9:30 his tracks are good but you need to see him live to get it

Coyu @Flash I may only like this because I like Fatboy Slim

Slander @Soundcheck JB endorsed and JB is always right. The new single DEAD is…well…you’ll see

Gorgon City @9:30 a lot of people  have told me I MUST see Gorgon City. Here’s the mix they put out as tour promotion.
Jai Wolf @Uhall best known for the skrillex remix that broke him, but since then he’s done werk on Alesso and Odesza and some other cool stuff
Paco Osuna @flash untz untz untz untz
Cedric Gervais @Soundcheck another. doesza. remix.
Bakermat w/Eau Claire @9:30 Eau claire aka rachel who brings left over chipotle to u street music hall like a boss. bakermat is cool too
DC Beer Festival info here come day drink with me and Beddow unless you’re going to Maryland Home coming in which case…see you at odesza!

Odesza @9:30 late show is where it’s at. the whole discography is worth a listen through but if you want a TD;DL, Divinity rocks my world
Laidback Luke @Echostage I already have fomo LBL is DA BEST. this mix got me into him but doesn’t do him justice. you gotta go see him scratch.

The Bloody Beetroots (well one of them) @Uhall only they can get Peter Frampton to do a collab
Misterwives @9:30 reflections of you hooooOooOoOoo you HoohoooohoooOooOoooo
~TL;DR Lido, Gordon City, Odesza ~

Back in Action: 4/06

It’s been about a year.

Duke just won the National Championship and Congress is in recess so I’m in a pretty good mood. Time to get back to business.

Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

Schlomo @Uhall he’s dark and sultry and somber and sexy. being hung over on a Tuesday does not bode well for my endurance this week, but listen to some tunes anyway: a little Banks. and a little of this
EDX @Flash sometimes we need a little avicii in our lives.

The Mountain Goats @9:30 brightest young things likes their new album a lot, which probably means I don’t wear enough plaid or have big enough nerd glasses to appreciate them. womp.

Citizen Cope Acoustic Set @Lincoln Theater let the drummer kick will always remind me of the scene from Accepted when they shut South Harmon Institute of Technology down and Justin Long has to save the day.
Tchami @Ultrabar don’t do it. no one likes a rave-train. (go to 0:56 for a visual of the aforementioned rave train)
Griz and the Floozies @9:30 YEAUSSSSS sold out so I guess go to Tchami cause you have no other choice. but I haz a ticket so… Pregame details tbd. pink haus? jdgs? just holla.
Alex Winston @Uhall because there weren’t enough choices already. not a huge fan but RAC did a sweet little remix for her: velvet elvis
Delta Rae @9:30 Duke grads making music! they’re dope live. That blond chick has a serious voice: bottom of the river
Misterwives @UHall (early show) this was your second chance and you missed it again! Sold out. so very sold out. but they’re killin it on the festival circuit this summer so the chance will come again. You probably know See you next fall cause it’s their pop-y hit.
Crookers @Uhall (late show) some drunk dude made us see them at ultra. great life decision. listen to a set!
Vanessa Carlton, Atmosphere @duke das where I’ll be. sunshine sunshine…
Steve Angello
@Echostage don’t you worry don’t you worry child. see heaven’s got a plan for yoooou. So basically Swedish House Weekend 2. A kaleidoscope of sound, it was truly underground….bbc essential ChEcK iT
Boddika @Uhall with a line up of some decent underground techno. untz untz untz untz free before 11pm untz.
Ting Tings @9:30 shut up and let me go! okay I’m SURE they’ve come out with new music since then. lemme go google it.

nope. nothin.

Dis Week, 6/9-615


Friday 6/13: The Game. I only mention this because Andru Ayoub is opening I think and he’s one of Nick’s artists. JDG and I get points for already having seen him. You get no points. Suck it.

Saturday 6/14: Eric Prydz, aka Cirez D, Dukes of Sluca, Groove System, Hardform, Pryda, Moo, Sheridan, Tonja Holma, AxEr, and the A&P Project (I nailed that). if you really want to up your crazy game, double feature this with day 1 of SAMF in chicago. I considered it. I still am…


Tuesday 6/10: People Under The Stairs. Well that’s sort of creepy isnt it?

Wednesday 6/11: Bas is pretty boss. Rap. I laughed out loud when I heard the classic sounding guitar intro to a song called, “My Nigga Just Made Bail”

aaaannndddd afterward is Deep Sessions, my favorite. I alvays vant to go von deepah.

Friday 6/13: Farid. more deep shit. Maybe we will show up unannounced at Rhapsody apartments again with some 18 year olds that Ilya is inexplicably friends with.

Saturday 6/14: Union BBQ. It’s all dayyyy and its a partayyyyy.

Sunday 6/15: badbadnotgood. yes, its all one word. and no, I’ve never heard of it.


Tuesday 6/10 MS MR. We saw her (them?) at Coachella and she was fantastic live. Too bad it’s sooooooooooo sold out and none of you ever listen to me.

Wednesday 6/11: Die Antwoord. Another one that’s definitely worth 1) learning the pronunciation and 2) attempting to buy a ticket. (my B, didn’t put it on my list before this week). https://soundcloud.com/sashh-4/die-antwoord-i-fink-u-freeky EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONeD!

Thursday 6/12: First Aid Kit. mmmmmm whatever.

Friday 6/13: TuNe-YaRds. wait… I did that wrong. tUnE-yArDs?


Thursday 6/12: Alex Metric. Cool dude. I’d actually go see this. https://soundcloud.com/alexmetric/alex-metric-oliver-hope-1


Bonaroo. So that’s dope

Spring Awakening. Also pretty dope, but no skrillex so….

Don’t cry to me when the following are sold out (cough kygo cough):

6/10 MS MR @9:30 (SOLD OUT)

—– Spring Awakening in Chi Town —–

6/14 Eric Prydz @ Echostage

6/16 The Knocks @ 9:30

— Firefly in Delaware —-

6/19 A-Trak @9:30

6/21 Treasure fingers @ UHall

6/25 Skream @ UHall

6/25 Ben Folds @ Wolf Trap

6/26 the Thank you Festival @Merriweather- Tiesto, Krewella, A&B

6/28 Gareth Emery @Echo

6/29 AVICII @ Jiffy Lube Live

— Hudson Project in NYC —-

7/13 Neon Trees and Smallpools @9:30

7/16 Klangkarussell @Uhall

7/23 Flume @ 9:30 NOT Sold out! Yiissssss.

7/24 Flume @ 9:30 (SOLD OUT and im probably going wednesday)

7/26 US Air Guitar Championships @ 9:30

8/1 Mad Decent W/ Dillon, diplo, wolgang gartner, trippy turtle, flux, sleigh bells, etc.

—Moonrise in Baltimore w/ KASKADE and BASSNECTAR-jesus—-

8/13 Linkin Park @Jiffy Lube Live

8/15 Feed Me  @ 9:30

—- Made in America in Philly—-

—- Ezoo #theonlyreasonthatIcareismadeon—–

9/16 Sam Smith @ Echo

9/26 Bonobo @Uhall

— Tomorrowworld —-

10/13  Porter Robinson @ 9:30

Diplo gets me.

Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, is not only sexy as hell, smart AF, but also ultimately endowed with the ability to make your ass move.

To prove my point, let me offer you some proof. Appendix A shows his new bootleg pack! ALL NEW TUNES to move dat ass to. Appendix B is the mad decent playlist. Appendix C is a link to Diplo Approved sounds. playlists for dayyyzzzzz. lemme see you twerq.