New Stuff for 2/24

Like having sex, but its music
Kinda cute, liz and raasti would enjoy running to this
Some DuBsTeP
FLUX, i see you bopping around the room…
The catagory deep trap is so strange
they’re right. its sick
Slightly deeper
and two not-so-new-but-awesome tracks that you should go back to:
makes whatever you’re working on pretty fucking epic:
can he just go back to this, please???

Week of 2/24 in Sounds

Echostage: March 1 we have W&W + Sunnery James and Ryan Marchiano. It probably won’t sell out. W&W I prefer in an outdoor setting. At Tomorrowworld, I watched the clouds dance in time to the music. it was SO cool. but like…echostage is whatever.

Looking forward at Echostage:

– Lorde– sold out but you can get anything on the interwebs
– ellie goulding– don’t bring me with you, I’ll just meow the whole time
– cut/copy– sold out i think
– dash berlin– I might be going
– excision– do ur chain hang low?
9:30: DJUGUYS GET MY SNAPS FROM BIG GIGANTIC?! they covered madeon. and there were hollograms of cats. it was dope. in other news:
– everything is sold out. just don’t go to 9:30 this week.
– alvin risk on the 8th. $20. not sold out!
– 2chainz on the 24th. $45. not sold out!
UHall: a whole lot of eerrrrrrmmmmmmmnothanks
…until Cashmere Cat on the 20th. its $15, not sold out, bffs with Dillon Francis who likes the track wedding bells
– clasixx on the 24th (LIVE SET OMGWHOA)
Ultrabar: fuck ultrabar. nonetheless MS54 this week
Verizon Center:
– sting and paul simon
– the eagles
– a whole lotta basketball
– miley cyrus (YUUSSSSS)
I think robin thicke is this week somewhere.