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And then I remember why I love EDM

Sometimes I forget why I love electronic production.  Big room house really gets old. But then…. there’s Feed Me.

A true composer, Feed Me always reminds me of the incredible potential that electronic music can reach. He crafts beautifully put together sets with texture and excitement. It’s a musical journey. And it’s completely brilliant.



Muse, a brief journey

Coachella is next month and I am getting prepared. This means formulating my dreams of what shows to see and catching myself up on the new sounds of old favorites.

I fell in love with Absolution (2003) when I was in high school. I think I was caught between being the tween-emo-Linkin Park- Evanescence- Fall Out Boy-prep-school-girl and flower child of the hippy generation who knew every word to 5 Beatles albums and the best of Queen.

Favorites of Absolution:

Black Holes and Revelations is necessary to listen to in it’s entirety. It can be almost comical in the level of drama it manages to reach. But the tracks display an incredible amount of artistic audaciousness.

I had been so wrapped up in the pre-2012 discography that new Muse was unimaginable. I wasn’t willing. Muse, in my mind, was a carved and set obsession. It was my default. It needn’t change.

I’m a classic kinda girl. My pre-college days are characterized by british rock, punk bands like The Kills, and a little bit of metal/scream/whateverwasemothosedays. Then I started mucking about in electronic production. So I’ve been able to avoid the 2nd Law until fairly recently. The EDM community seems to embrace Muse. And while I don’t trust everything that comes under the EDM umbrella, I was interested in hearing what production would sound like for them ten years later. And guys, it’s sick. It’s still Muse to the core, using absurd theatrics and those Queen-esque vocals. But they have some great new tricks.