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Diplo gets me.

Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, is not only sexy as hell, smart AF, but also ultimately endowed with the ability to make your ass move.

To prove my point, let me offer you some proof. Appendix A shows his new bootleg pack! ALL NEW TUNES to move dat ass to. Appendix B is the mad decent playlist. Appendix C is a link to Diplo Approved sounds. playlists for dayyyzzzzz. lemme see you twerq.







In honor of Martin Garrix’s first Ultra…

I am so freaking tired of that stupid track. First time I heard it, it was shocking. It broke into my core and rattled my soul. And at the Gorge (this place: the effect was pretty unbelievable. Since then, EVERYONE has dropped it. EVERYONE has remixed it. I just cannot take anymore.

Except that I totally can.

Here are a few remixes that I actually really enjoy (the last one is the best):