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hi mija

This is what made me fall in love with her:

And this is why I keep coming back:

She’s an awesome DJ with sick taste, so I’ve delineated some of the tracks for your favoring convenience:


Diplo gets me.

Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, is not only sexy as hell, smart AF, but also ultimately endowed with the ability to make your ass move.

To prove my point, let me offer you some proof. Appendix A shows his new bootleg pack! ALL NEW TUNES to move dat ass to. Appendix B is the mad decent playlist. Appendix C is a link to Diplo Approved sounds. playlists for dayyyzzzzz. lemme see you twerq.






Mashup Mondays Vol. 1

I usually avoid mashups. This is a small collection of mashups that I’ve recently discovered to be really successful. The first is two of my favorite songs ever, and results in an equally  fantastic singular track. We slow it down a little with the Kygo cover, but the rest are dance your pants off kinds of things.

If I can get into this, maybe mashup mondays can be a thing.

A Mix of Thursday Night Jams

I’ve collected some thursday night jams to lift spirits out of these awful piles of dirty snow that have made themselves so comfortable around here. It’s time to move. and groove. and put on some converses and maybe go to salsa later. I’m really pleased with this little collection. If you, like me, find yourself getting home thursday evening and halfway through that new bottle of wine before 7pm, its time for this: