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Momofuku/Momofuku Milkbar– you will go because you are a slave of modern culture and David Chang is a culinary rock star (say crack again)
Citizen Burger Bar— its in Clarendon (GAHHHH) but they have a burger with pork belly /fried egg/truffle brioche. another one boasts siracha mayo and fresh jalapenos.
Dabney— it’s in shaw so embodies the theme of eclectic-up-and-coming. they smoke whole ducks in the middle of the dinning room, and source fresh herbs from the roof.
Bad Saint in Coho —  “little serrow swagger, roses luxury lines” oh god.
Airedale— German/french which satisfies my eternal search for a boss hanger steak and fries. it’s also next on my brunch list (marscapone stuffed french toast and a deep fried monte cristo with mountains of Gruyere)
Wicked Bloom Social Club— speakeasy by the same people as DCity Smokehouse aka same food PLUS cocktails and (maybe) less of a chance you’ll be murdered