Back in Action: 4/06

It’s been about a year.

Duke just won the National Championship and Congress is in recess so I’m in a pretty good mood. Time to get back to business.

Here’s what’s on the agenda this week:

Schlomo @Uhall he’s dark and sultry and somber and sexy. being hung over on a Tuesday does not bode well for my endurance this week, but listen to some tunes anyway: a little Banks. and a little of this
EDX @Flash sometimes we need a little avicii in our lives.

The Mountain Goats @9:30 brightest young things likes their new album a lot, which probably means I don’t wear enough plaid or have big enough nerd glasses to appreciate them. womp.

Citizen Cope Acoustic Set @Lincoln Theater let the drummer kick will always remind me of the scene from Accepted when they shut South Harmon Institute of Technology down and Justin Long has to save the day.
Tchami @Ultrabar don’t do it. no one likes a rave-train. (go to 0:56 for a visual of the aforementioned rave train)
Griz and the Floozies @9:30 YEAUSSSSS sold out so I guess go to Tchami cause you have no other choice. but I haz a ticket so… Pregame details tbd. pink haus? jdgs? just holla.
Alex Winston @Uhall because there weren’t enough choices already. not a huge fan but RAC did a sweet little remix for her: velvet elvis
Delta Rae @9:30 Duke grads making music! they’re dope live. That blond chick has a serious voice: bottom of the river
Misterwives @UHall (early show) this was your second chance and you missed it again! Sold out. so very sold out. but they’re killin it on the festival circuit this summer so the chance will come again. You probably know See you next fall cause it’s their pop-y hit.
Crookers @Uhall (late show) some drunk dude made us see them at ultra. great life decision. listen to a set!
Vanessa Carlton, Atmosphere @duke das where I’ll be. sunshine sunshine…
Steve Angello
@Echostage don’t you worry don’t you worry child. see heaven’s got a plan for yoooou. So basically Swedish House Weekend 2. A kaleidoscope of sound, it was truly underground….bbc essential ChEcK iT
Boddika @Uhall with a line up of some decent underground techno. untz untz untz untz free before 11pm untz.
Ting Tings @9:30 shut up and let me go! okay I’m SURE they’ve come out with new music since then. lemme go google it.

nope. nothin.

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