But actually, here is ALL of it:


A few lovely tunes

I’m tempted to coin the term indie EDM. It’s easy and universally accessible (yes, even you who has told me that “ravers make you nervous” will enjoy these tracks). Just something happy to start your weekend.


Dig Deeper

In a recent conversation with a friend, I decided to come up with what would be my ultimate festival line up. So I started with the essentials.

Every festival I have gone to with my BFF, we try to see john digweed. At first it was a joke. He was at this tiny side stage at ultra and MAYBE 5 people were there. It was around 5pm, so the sun was setting (and we were coming up). We sat on a hill, absorbed sunshine and beer, pretended to eat pizza, and went back to main. But John Digweed sunk in. Retrospectively we had to admit he was pretty groovy. Saw him again at Ezoo. Then decided to make it a habit.

So my first headliner at the Dig Deeper stage is John Digweed.


In honor of Martin Garrix’s first Ultra…

I am so freaking tired of that stupid track. First time I heard it, it was shocking. It broke into my core and rattled my soul. And at the Gorge (this place: the effect was pretty unbelievable. Since then, EVERYONE has dropped it. EVERYONE has remixed it. I just cannot take anymore.

Except that I totally can.

Here are a few remixes that I actually really enjoy (the last one is the best):



TODAY 3/24: Classixx (Live). Its $20 on a Monday, dude. But I guess there’s reasons behind this…

Teusday 3/25: Michael Menert at Fort Knox Five. Menert came out with an album with pretty lights in 2005…but that’s the only thing of his that I’m familiar with. If for some reason you decided to take a whole lot of LSD on Tuesday afternoon, this would be a great show to attend.

Wednesday 3/26: Gui Boratto, Elekfantz, and Chris Nitti. This night I dub the night of awesome names.

Thursday 3/27: Rufus du sol! I adore this guy when it’s warm and sunny out and I can dance around in a sundress and no shoes. I imagine sand being everywhere too for some reason. Anyway, it would be a chill Thursday. Some tunes:

and here’s a triple j (cause everyone loves a good triple j):


Also coming up: Goldfish!! Tell me there is music more fun than Goldfish. JUST TRY.



Friday 3/28: A&B and maybe this time Jordan remembers being there

Saturday 3/29: Bingo Players all hail the fallen artists and rage in their names.

And maybe think about getting tickets to Nervo, Cazzette, Carl Cox (evidently without his friends! Bummer…), and Phoenix. (video is live from Coachella…I WILL BE THERE MOTHERFUCKEKEERRRRRRsssss. And I love the track. Its Love like a Sunset. Go look up a better quality version tout de suite.)

Also announced: Thomas Gold with Fehrplay! We have to go so Santa can get a new prof pic. Also Benny Benassi! I saw him at the ministry of sound and he kinda sucked, but hopefully 3 years later he’s more mature. Kill the Zo could be interesting. The Budweiser made in America is free and staring Cash Cash but its on a Teusday so you know…just cause its free doesn’t mean its free.

9:30 Club

TONIGHT 3/24: 2 Chainz. I was going to say 2 Dwaynez but alas, dwyane has officially gone off to Oklahoma for training. So we are stuck with the real thing for now.

Is he allowed to play Major Lazer?

Besides that…not too much. Grouplove is taking over next week but I get the feeling that they’re too indie rock for you guys.

AND in the future: 2 nights of Kraftwork! BOTH sold out already! Fuck that! Gramatik! Shpongle! Flight Facilities! Papadosio! Rusted Root! MS MR!

Howard Theater:

Saturday 3/29: This guy-


Live stream of Ultra! Rules of the UMF drinking game:

–         Drink if you see a girl doing that heart thing with her hands

–      Drink if you see a black person

–      Drink if you hear ellie goulding

–         If “find you” or “stay the night” comes on, drink for the whole track, take a shot if it’s acoustic

–         Shots for every DVBB drop

–         Shots if skrillex shows up in someone elses set

–         Shots if you hear the phrase “everybody fucking jump”

–         Turn of the computer if steve aoki comes on

–         TBC

Happy Monday, kids. In honor of a&b and Miami music week, here’s a little mix:

Survive the snow! Enjoy the Cherry Trees! Go to a March Madness happy hour! Drink outside! Its SPRING (ironically, winter is coming…april 6th). Later skaters.