Floss does a mini mix

Some good stuff in this. It’s especially controlled for these guys, which I appreciate.

This isn’t the background to a rager, but it’s the background to something dope.  I imagine myself sitting on the floor of blue house (it’s a duke thing) with a dog and a bong. But I’m sure you’re cooler than I.


Fuzzi Kittenz meow mix #10

I can’t tell you how much I love the Fuzzi Kittenz. I got hooked on Meow Mix #8 (hint hint). They know deep house, trap, and they even have a glitch hob set.

And they’re freaking AdOrAbLe cause they’re kittenz.

Okay so the set I’m listening to now: I don’t have a definitive conclusion, but a voice is saying “let me take a selfie”.  I’m giggling and dancing which are great signs. “Okay lets go take some shotssssss”


Goldfish is one of the best kept secrets of the Dance Music genre. They are omnipresent, yet to most of my friends completely unidentifiable.

One beautiful afternoon in Miami, my best friend and I were floating around the different stages at Ultra Music Festival. I think it was when the doors first opened, so it was a 5pm set on friday afternoon and we had a strict schedule to stick to. We didn’t really mean to go to live stage but as we passed, it was impossible not to stop.

There was a live band, no audience, and they were killing it. So we stopped, jammed, laughed, and stayed for the whole thing. I didn’t even know the name of the group, and I swear it was in my top 5 sets from Ultra 2013.

Here are some of my favorite tracks. Grab a beer, take off your shoes, roll those shoulders around, and have a blast.

And a whole playlist, courtesy of youtube:

Another Recover Remix

We are all obsessed with CHVRCHES. Oh, you’re not yet? That’s awkward. I would suggest you join the movement. Let the bubblegum pop sound of Lauren Mayberry and that sweet electronic production jam out in your ears as the new occasional soundtrack to your life.

I’m not a huge fan of remixes, especially when you’ve already heard and become attached to the original. Most Recover remixes I tend to shy away from. This one is not my new favorite song, but is a good listen. If you aren’t immediately sold, at least wait till the 2:20 mark.